Print Is Not Dead, They Get Personalized

  • date May 28 2018


As we enter the “digital-everything” era, we become familiar with the saying that “print is dead”. But really? If you look around you, the students reading their text books, fellow passangers sitting next to you with the last print book from Dewi Lestari or Stephen King, do you still think that print book is no longer relevant? It is indisputable that readers today have the privilege to access books in several common digital formats, but print books remain substantially more popular than either e-books or audio books. Other than those conventional books, now personalized book is also on the rise.  

What are they for?

Special Gift 

Make book as a special gift and personal memories for someone special on that special day. Like wedding, birthday, anniversary or any occasion that worth remembering.

Corporate Anniversary

Don’t let your company’s footprints and achievements pass unnoticed.  Share your legacy and let your years of excellence inspired your employees, stakeholders and clients.

We help you to make one.

Your Life in A Book

Everyone owns a personal story. Some struggle leads to sweet endings and valuable lessons to learn. Let your personal story inspire others or share your expertise so others can learn and follow your succesful path.

Your Personal Project

A tailored publishing that suit your needs and expectations. Each book is unique and needs different treatment.


Print is not dead. Not today, not sometime in the near future. They are now become more personal and even niche. Quoted from fastcodesign, What’s clear is that the printed book still has major cultural and aesthetic significance. For many people, it’s a design object that won’t ever be replaced.” (Kanakata)









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